El Taco Loco! A Gluten Free and Absolutely Delicious Mexican Food Inspired Dish

El Taco Loco | An Absolutely Delicious Gluten Free Mexican Meal | www.barbellsandbaking.com

Ok y'all. Super excited to share this one because it's a FAVORITE in our house! Anytime that I need to get a quick meal together, it's my go-to because it's super easy to make. Matt always gets really happy when he hears that we are having this for dinner too. Actually, let's be real. I get happy too haha.

Matt likes to name all of my dishes because he tells me, "when we have kids someday they need to know unique names so that they can yell out 'WE WANT MAMA'S JOHNNY CAKE!' or 'WE NEED EL TACO LOCO!'". Secretly, I think that's kinda cute, so I indulge. 

So without further ado, this meal is called "El Taco Loco" because these are "crazy tacos"! There are no rules, and they BREAK the rules because there technically isn't a taco... see what I did there? 

Basically, you create a bed of rice, then layer it with some grass-fed ground beef with this taco seasoning on it, and then add WHATEVER you want. I add shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, diced avocado, and crushed gluten-free/gmo-free tortilla chips. Matt also adds on finely chopped lettuce and salsa. But the craziness doesn't have to stop there... you can add on ANYTHING else you want! Go crazy! They are called crazy tacos for a reason... 

Now, I know that rice is not "paleo", but Matt and I really like to eat it, especially after a hard workout at the gym when we need those carbs. I'm going to throw a word of caution out there though - this is one of those meals where it's very easy to load a TON of food on your plate very quickly. That was NOT said from personal experience AT ALL... just for... you know... anyone ELSE that might have trouble with portion sizing. It's a great practice (especially with rice) to just weigh out how much carbohydrate you ACTUALLY NEED on your plate, rather than just eyeballing it. IF you are strict paleo, or can't have rice, you can always throw this on a bed of shredded lettuce or cauliflower rice and it's equally delicious! 

Here's the recipe! Disfrutalo! (enjoy it)

El Taco Loco

Prep Time: 5 minutes              Cook Time: 25 minutes                      Servings: 3-4


1 cup uncooked long-grained white rice (substitution: cauliflower rice or shredded lettuce)

1 lb. Grass-Fed Ground Beef

1 1/2 TBSP of my Taco Seasoning 

1 organic tomato, diced (optional topping)

1 cup of cheese, shredded (optional topping)

Gluten-free/GMO-Free tortilla chips, crushed into small pieces with hands (optional topping)

Lettuce, shredded (optional topping, or can be used as the base instead of rice)

Avocado, diced, or guacamole (optional topping)

Salsa (optional topping)



1. In a medium sized pot, add 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water along with a dash of salt. Stir, and then cover and heat on high until it is boiling. Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer, stir again, and cover. Set a timer for 20-25 minutes. 

2. While the rice is cooking, heat a large pan on medium heat and add the ground beef. Lightly season and brown the beef and then add the 1 1/2 TBSP of taco seasoning. Add 1/4 c water and make sure the seasoning is mixed well and then let it simmer for a couple minutes. 

3. While the rice and meat is cooking, prepare your topping ingredients, cutting the tomato, shredding the lettuce, cheese, etc. 

4. Plate with the rice (or shredded lettuce) first, then the meat, cheese, and all the toppings! Enjoy! 

Jenna Lodin | www.barbellsandbaking.com