Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Mix

Gluten Free All-Purpose Mix |

Very soon after starting to bake gluten free, I very quickly realized that is was going to be a NECESSITY to develop a gluten free All-Purpose flour mix! In the early days I was one those people that made EVERYTHING with almond flour haha. And though there are some recipes that are great with almond flour, putting it in everything gives you a VERY high calorie product because of the nuts.

Therefore, I have been fiddling around with this mix for a while now and am so excited to share it with you! It has revolutionized my baking! So far, I've had great success in using this 1:1 with substituting regular flour in my pre-paleo/gluten free recipes. Also, I use Bob's Red Mill as the brand for all of these flour, so that's what I based the gram measurements off of. Enjoy! 

Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Mix


3 c brown rice flour (480g)

1 c potato starch (192g)     

1/2 c tapioca flour (60g)



1. The easiest way to measure this out is to get a LARGE plastic container with a top (it should be large enough to have a lot of space even with the flour in it), set it on a scale, zero it out, and then add the grams of each flour. If you do not have a scale, you can use measuring cups, but the most accurate way is to use the scale obviously. 

2. Securely seal the top and shake it baby! Every which way! Shake it a while from front to back, then from side to side (trying to get a rolling motion). This will very thoroughly mix it. If you want to mix it even more, get a whisk and mix it additional with that. 

3. Use as an all-purpose mix for pretty much anything! Happy Baking! 

*Side note, the protein gluten in regular flours works as a thickener and helps everything stick together. This is why some people add guar or xanthum gum to gluten free flours, to mimic that gluten protein. If you find that what you are baking isn't sticking together or very crumbly, you may need to add some guar or xanthum gum to your recipe. Usually it's about a 1/2 tsp. of either one per cup of flour. For the most part though, I try to avoid adding guar or xanthum gum to any of my gluten free baking and so far this mix has worked great for things like breads, pancakes, muffins, etc. even without it! 

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