The Truth Behind Post Workout Protein Shakes and The Best One Out There - Chocolate Coconut Water Goodness

Chocolate Protein Shake

Today I'm sharing a Lodin secret to a satisfying yet extremely easy and healthy post-workout shake to help you recover faster! 

Before I share our secret, let's break it down a little as to why you should even HAVE a protein shake after your workouts. It is important to know that I am very much generalizing in how this works though. You can go into MUCH more detail regarding the glycemic index and insulin and how that works in the body for protein shakes, but I'm going to try to explain it in a simple, general way.

Basically, there is a unique post workout window in which the main priority of your body is switched towards rebuilding muscle. Immediately after intense exercise, the carbohydrates in your muscles, stored as glycogen, are depleted and the muscular fibers themselves are broken down. By consuming both protein and carbohydrate we give our body the building blocks and fuel it needs to rebuild the muscle and replenish those glycogen stores. 

Remember though, it is only necessary to drink a protein shake after intense resistance training. There are a lot of misconceptions about protein shakes. Your workout needs to have intensity and resistance in order for your body to allocate these carbs and proteins toward rebuilding muscle. Otherwise, it will usually store it as fat. Some examples of intense resistance training could be hill sprints, weightlifting, CrossFit workouts, etc. The ones where your heart rate is up, and your muscles are pushed to fatigue, taking your dog on a long walk does not constitute as "intense resistance training" haha. 

SO, here's the recipe! I added in how many blocks each of the ingredients are, because Matt and I use "The Zone" to keep track of our ratios of protein:carbs:fat. I also added in a picture of my go-to post workout snack - the Almond Butter PerfectBar! These things are SO DELICIOUS (roughly 5 blocks of fat, 2 blocks of protein, 2 blocks of carbs) and are basically a little mini meal to go! Often times if I workout and don't have time to run home for lunch before teaching a class, I drink my protein shake and then follow it up with a protein bar once I can stomach a little food. You can find these in the refrigerated section of any healthy foods store (Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.). They are a little expensive but COMPLETELY worth it for the great ingredients and the fact that it's REAL FOOD!

Side note: pay careful attention to the instructions... they get a little difficult... 

The Best (and easiest) Chocolate Protein Shake


1 scoop of Progenex More Muscle (Belgian Chocolate) (2 blocks of protein - 15 grams)

1 - 14oz. ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Chocolate (2 blocks of carbs - 18 grams)


1. Pour the Coconut Water into a shaker cup. Put a scoop of Progenex in. Swish it a couple times and then shake vigorously (go ahead, get that 2nd workout in the for the day). 

2. Enjoy! 

Please let me know if you have any questions! What's your favorite post workout protein shake combo? 

jenna lodin