Top 5 Essentials for Essential Oils

Top 5 Essentials for Essential Oils |

I have had so many people asking me lately what my favorite tools and products are that I use with essential oils, so I thought I'd compile them all in a blog post to make it easy! 

These are my favorite items that I love and use consistently with them! I've thoroughly researched for the best quality and price of of each of these items along with have personally bought and used each one of them.

Just so you know, these are amazon affiliate links that support Healthy Mama Space (at no additional cost to you) and help me to be able to keep this blog up and running. Thank you for your support and let me know if you have any questions about how to use any of the items! 

Top 5 Essentials for Essential Oils - Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils |

#1 - Essential Oils Reference Guide

THIS is the most valuable tool that I use with my essential oils! Anytime I have a question about EO's or how to use them, I look it up in this book. For example, if you are curious what essential oils to use for skin care, look it up and it lists the best ones along with recommendations for use. Is there a cold going around? You can look up oils to helpsupport a healthy immune system. Pretty much anything you can think of, it will have an oil for it! Check it out on amazon HERE

Top 5 Essentials for Essential Oils - Essential Oil Roll on Bottles |

#2 - Glass Roll On Bottles

I use these beautiful little cobalt glue glass roll on bottles for making my own blends of essential oils. Having the reference guide is extremely helpful for this. It makes mixing and applying super easy for my joint & muscle blend, Sleepy Time Blend, and so many others. This is also the perfect size for giving essential oil blends to friends to try. Plus, they come in a pack of 12 for only $8! Check them out on amazon HERE

Top 5 Essential for Esesntial Oils - Fractionated Coconut Oil |

#3 - Fractionated Coconut Oil

In fractionated coconut oil, the oils are removed from the fatty acids, making the oil liquid (and therefore, not hardening when it gets cold like regular coconut oil). It's also great due to the fact that it's odorless and does not stain clothing or sheets. 

I use this as a carrier oil for my essential oil blends, meaning it's a great oil if I want to dilute the essential oils in my roller bottle blends. Check it out on amazon HERE

Top 5 Essentials for Essential Oils - Cobalt Glass Round Bottles with Pump Tops |

#4 - 4oz Cobalt Glass Boston Round Bottles with Pump Tops & 8oz Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottles

These cute little pump top bottles work perfectly for all of my larger oil mixtures such as my sunburn soother. Check it out on amazon HERE.

If you're also interested in a spray bottle to use with essential oils, these are the ones that I like - 8oz Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottles - I use it for my Mosquito Spray and flea spray for the pups! 

Top 5 Essential for Essential Oils |

#5 - Avery Square Printer Labels

I searched high and low for good labels that stick well, look beautiful, and are the right size for the roller bottles and pump top bottles! These square 2" labels are PERFECT! The great thing is that you can create the labels on your computer using the Avery template and then just print them. To the right is a picture of my printed labels on the roller bottles and pump/spray bottles. Check them out on Amazon HERE

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Jenna Lodin |